28 June 2010

The Prince and the Marine

Britain's Prince Harry, right, helps push U.S. Marine veteran Todd Nicely along the route while participating in the Achilles Hope and Possibility Race Sunday, June 27, 2010 in New York's Central Park. The Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans trains and sponsors recently wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to participate in races nationwide. AP Photo/Stephen Chernin.

Geez, do you think Todd will remember us "little people" after this? :-)

Yesterday Prince Harry took part in the five-mile Achilles Hope and Possibility Race through New York's Central Park. The organization, Achilles International, formed the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans to help recently-wounded veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq take part on races across the United States.

Prince Harry has been on a three-day tour with a strong focus on finding ways for British and American veteran support organizations to work together.

Prince Harry walked 1.7 miles of the course through Central Park. He was accompanied by security staff and a number of disabled veterans.

At one point, Prince Harry helped to push U.S. Marine veteran, Corporal Todd Nicely, in his wheelchair. Corporal Nicely lost all four limbs in March when he stepped on an explosive device.

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Kate said...

Thank you Todd for your sacrifices on behalf of our country. May God bless you in many miraculous ways.

barb said...

That is awesome - I like the Prince's spirit.  Thanks to all of our amazing wounded military men and women, you are my heroes.