26 February 2010

You can take a Marine out of the fight, but you can't take the fight out of a Marine

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Wounded U.S. Marine Sgt. Shane Hanley of Punxsutawney receives treatment from U.S. Army flight medic Sgt. Michael G. Patangan while airborne in an army Task Force Pegasus medevac helicopter shortly after Hanley was wounded on Feb. 9 in southern Afghanistan. AP photo, likely from Brennan Linsley.

A Punxsutawney woman says Taliban forces might have taken her son out of the fight — but they didn't take the fight out of her son.

Marine Sgt. Shane Hanley, 21, a squad leader from Easy Company, 2-2 Marines, suffered shrapnel injuries to the left side of his body when an improvised explosive device detonated Feb. 9 in Afghanistan, said Diane Hanley.

Shane underwent surgery Thursday — his fifth operation since being wounded — at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, where physicians are trying to save the vision in his left eye, his mother said. Surgery is scheduled next week to repair a ruptured eardrum.

Hanley was leading a squad of 11 Marines on foot patrol in Garmsir City when a tripwire detonated the IED, his mother said.

"He actually was unconscious for a little while. When he woke up, he did not want to be on the gurney when they took him to the bird (the casualty evacuation helicopter). He wanted to walk," Diane Hanley said from her son's bedside yesterday.

"I asked him: 'I heard you walked to the bird.' His eyes were closed but he shook his head yes. I said, 'I bet that was your way of giving your men the thumbs up and the Taliban the middle finger.' He whispered, 'I ran to the bird.' He wanted (Taliban forces) to see him walking away so they didn't think they got the best of him."


Kat said...

You are an example, of the couragous strength and fortitude of America.  Unless a man has walked within another's shoes, they only can imagine the path before you.  But, please. Our Hero...you have many with you in thought and deeds...We honour your service for all of U.S.  Know always, the Great Spirit walks not just beside you, but, with one so honorable, he walks within you.  God Bless.

Donna said...

Sgt. Hanley, You are a true inspiration. People like you are the reason Marines have such a fierce reputation. Way to stand tall and walk proud!! You RAN to the bird?? I love it. I have no doubt you will keep fighting in your recovery until you are satisfied with the outcome. America loves her military and especially loves a fighter. Thank you for serving your country. I wish you all the best.

PDS said...

 Sgt. Hanley--- Wow!  I saw you board the bird in the news stateside and it made my heart swell with pride.  Ater seeing you board the medevac, I kept wondering about the extent of your injuries and praying that you would be alright.  Just watching you run to the bird had to be a real morale booster for all of the troops on the ground. Your determination put a smile on my face(being stubborn isn't always bad,huh?). LOL!   As a mom of a deployed soldier, I watched every step you took and knew you'd fight your way to recovery. Give your mom a hug! On your journey to recovery know that there are many who wish you well and hope you never lose that determination (it will take you far in life!).  Semper Fi