26 February 2010

LRMC staffers receive Air Force excellence awards

Major Shannon Womble received honors as the Critical Care/ICU Nurse of the Year as well as the 2009 Air Force Nurse of the Year Award. Womble is the first nurse to receive the newly established award. She was joined in the winner’s circle by Lt. Col. (Dr.) Raymond Fang who won the U.S. Air Force Surgical Excellence Award, and Lt. Col. (Dr.) Alexander Servino who garnered honors as the U.S. Air Force Podiatrist of the Year.

They are assigned to the 86th Medical Squadron at LRMC which works side by side with fellow Army and Navy medical practitioners who have treated more than 60,000 wounded warriors aeromedically evacuated to LRMC since January 2004. It is in that spirit of selfless service as part of a joint medical team that makes their accomplishments even more special, said Col. (Dr.) John M. Cho, hospital commander.

Congratulations Major Womble, Dr. Fang, and Dr. Servino! Their many achievements are impossible to summarize here, so please read the article and get to know three indivduals who have dedicated their careers to serving our wounded warriors.

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PDS said...

  Thank you for being there to treat our wounded soldiers in their hour of need.  As a mom of a deployed soldier; it brings me comfort to know that there are devoted Doctor's to treat our troops such as yourselves.  Just as the patient has a loving family waiting patiently for them to complete their tour of duty; so too, do you!  I know your families are mighty proud of your accomplishments and I'm certain that the families of the wounded soldiers who have been taken care of  by you are very grateful. For those who you could not save; I'm sure you did your best.  Remember, you treat the patient with your abilities.  From there, God takes over.  Perhaps that is why some patients who are severly "battered" often times pull through and yet the patient who seems to have less trauma, doesn't pull through.  God reminds us that we are only mortal mankind but he also gave a gift to a few like you to have the ability to heal.  Thank you for your selfless endeavors to treat our loved ones and know that we appreciate all that you have done!