25 June 2008


U.S. Army Task Force Regulators 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment Staff Sgt. Fred Hampton, of Lexington, Ky., kneels on a knee to talk with a young Iraqi boy at the future site of Regular 6 Park in the Thawra 1 section of the Sadr City District of Baghdad on June 20. Photo: Tech Sgt. Cohen Young, Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq.

In Sadr City.

There are no words to express everything conveyed by this photo. To me, it represents the highest ideals of our country and our guys, and the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people.

This is why we fight.

Information about how to adopt a deployed Soldier can be found here.

3 JUL: Wanted to share a couple of updates.

First, Chris has created one of his excellent Military Motivators using this image.

And pastor Scott Brewer shares these moving Reflections:

The picture captures the paradox of compassionate tenderness housed in a battle ready man.

But the primary reflection that seized me is the trust that the little boy has toward a mighty warrior. This is a picture of humanity with God. The Bible declares that God is “Almighty” and an awesome and terrible force against evil and unrighteousness. Yet, He can be trusted so that we may approach Him like a little child. He will lower Himself to listen to us and talk with us. He will allow us to find refuge upon Him from the scorching sands of this world.

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