15 June 2008

Best Father's Day Ever

Meet an incredible Army couple, Alycia and James Hackemer, in their latest television interview (please watch!).

James and Alycia Hackemer

From James' CaringBridge page:

On Friday, March 14th, we received the news that James' heavily armored vehicle had been hit with an IED. Thanks to the bravery of quick acting soldiers, the lives of James and 3 others were saved. James lost both legs in the explosion.

James was initially sent to Germany before travelling to the Bethesda National Naval Medical Center. Bethesda is near two of James' sisters and also has a maternity ward where baby Addison was born. God was in every detail. James is now at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston where he is going through physical therapy and gaining strength every day. Once he is strong enough they will send him to Walter Reed Medical Center where he will receive his prosthetics.

We look forward to the day when James comes home with Alycia, Kaelynn, and baby Addison by his side. Thank you for your prayers!

The summary above doesn't even begin to tell the whole story. The fact is that James' initial diagnosis was grim. Very early on, when James was still in a comatose state, the family was told his progress had already plateaued and he would remain that way.

In spite of that devastating blow the family never gave up hope. And against all odds James began to become responsive in the following days. Since then, his recovery has been one miracle after another. The doctors originally said James would stay at Spaulding rehabilitation center for 6 - 12 months before moving to Walter Reed to receive his prosthetics. Now it looks like he'll be leaving in 6 weeks.

And thanks to his miraculous recovery, he'll be spending this Father's Day with his wife and two little girls, Kaelynn and Addison.

Here's a video of the Memorial Day "Ride to Remember" as almost 200 motorcyclists drive past the Hackemer home near Gowanda, NY in James' honor. Enjoy.

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