16 October 2007

Troop to Sanchez: "Bite harder!"

Troops sounded off to S&S Monday on Sanchez's recent comments about the Iraq war.

My personal favorite:

“Does [Sanchez] sleep better at night knowing because he’s no longer a sworn soldier he can just vent, with the possibility that troops here and all over the world can pay for it?” Sgt. Brandon Culpepper, serving in Taji, Iraq, wrote in a letter to Stars and Stripes. “If he was able to bite his tongue during his career, why doesn’t he do the rest of us still serving in Iraq a huge favor: bite harder!”

Yowza. That's right up there with David Ballavia's words of displeasure about MG Batiste (via Blackfive):

Batiste laments that he lost his third star for his beliefs and retired. Our Combat Team lost 43 of our brothers and suffered over 300 injured for ours.

In his criticism of the press, Sanchez also singled out Stars & Stripes. He refused to talk to the newspaper during the last two years of his command in Germany for its “single-minded focus on Abu Ghraib.”

Hmmm... have we hit a sore spot?

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