25 October 2007

Knock, knock... who are you???

Here's a good one. Several Soldiers' Angels have been receiving lovely thank you emails from soldiers to whom they never sent anything directly. One of the Angels finally fessed up and told the Soldier she didn't know who he was...??

Here's his reply:

I know exactly how your cards found their way here. "G" [the Angel's *real* adopted Soldier] is here with us and he is one of those type of guys who shares what he has.

He recieved the box with many wonderful notes in it. I took one of the notes (your little ghost) and told G I'd be happy to write you.

I hope this solves the mystery of all the strange e-mail arriving from us - you have G to thank for that just as we have him to thank for sharing.

Another note about the cards we have recieved, in our little chow hall on each of the tables is a stack of your cards. During the evening meals we have our own card swap going on between the tables every night.

It is rather hilarious listening to grown men tell each other silly knock knock jokes and reading each other the other small gems they find in the cards.

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