03 February 2007

A Dream, an Angel, and a Sanctuary for Heroes' Pets

"Thank you Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet for caring about our pets as much as we do."

February 2, 2007 Hot Springs, Arkansas: Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet announces plans to develop and open the first of its kind "Military & Veterans Pet" (MVP) Sanctuary in Garland County, Arkansas for the pets owned by military service members deploying to fight the global war on terror.

A military service member deploying who has no family or family members unable to keep or care for the pet is left with one option which is to relinquish pet ownership by turning the pet or pets over to a humane society, animal shelter, or an animal rescue group. Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet foster home program gives the military service member another option so that their pet or pets will be waiting for them when they return safely from their deployment.

The MVP Sanctuary in Garland County, Arkansas will provide a "home away from home" in a country setting (8 - 10 acres) for these furry family members during their owner's deployment and the model for future MVP sanctuaries in other states where the organization's program/service is needed. The private sanctuary will be a "no-cage" private facility to initially care for up to 20 dogs and 20 cats with the ability to expand as needed.

The sanctuary will also include space for the organization's administrative staff, a veterinarian visit room, grooming room, laundry facility, and kitchen/food prep area. The overall management and responsibility for the sanctuary will be under the direction of the Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet Board of Officers/Directors with an on-premise volunteer Executive Director responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility, volunteer administrative staff, and liaison to the BOD.

Additional space is allotted to board/care for horses if needed and non-dog/cat type pets owned by our military service members.

The projected budget for obtaining/preparation of the sanctuary property, erecting/interior finishing of the facility, and first year of operation is estimated at $400,000 - $450,000. Means for reaching the project funding goal will be accomplished via individual, businesses, corporations, and other organizations public support, fundraisers, and grant proposals to include requests for monetary and/or non-monetary contributions.

Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit public charity (Fed Tax ID: 20-2229425). The National office is located in the state of Arkansas with affiliated chapters in Minnesota and Mississippi (GEL #5352).

The organization's mission is to support our military service members by recruiting, interviewing, and monitoring foster homes where the pets are fostered to ensure the deploying military service member's beloved pet or pets reside in a caring, loving, and safe environment until their owner returns safely from the deployment.

Questions and/or additional information pertaining to the MVP Sanctuary may be directed to:

Linda Spurlin-Dominik, Co-Founder/National Board President tel (501)760-3875 or via email.

Donations toward the project can be made online at the organization's website here.

Linda is a Proud Daughter of WWII "Battle of Bulge" Veteran, Widow of Vietnam Era Veteran, and an Honorary Member of the SFA Chapter 49 Arkansas.

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