01 February 2007

Angels & Heroes

Back row, from left to right: DrueAnna, Bill, Carol.
Middle: Samantha, Sabrina, Becky, and Jessica.
Front & center: Savannah.

Everyone in this photo is an Angel and a Hero: Becky is a deployed Soldier here for medical treatment who wanted to help out, Bill's a Vietnam Vet, and everyone else is a volunteer and a military family member (which makes them Heroes in my book).

DrueAnna's husband (and the girls' Dad) is currently deployed in Iraq. Jessica's husband works at the Landstuhl ER and will be deploying some time this year.

Carol and Bill are longtime SA Germany supporters who "stopped by" on their way home from a vacation in Asia.

Carol has been spreading the word about SA and collected $3000 in donations for the wounded and ill soldiers recovering in Germany, including this check for $1000 from a neighbor.

Here's Bill and Carol at the Commissary stocking up on microwave meals, fruit cups, and snacks for the outpatients at Kleber barracks. We do this regularly at SA Germany, but we've never filled 2 shopping carts...

...and just like at home *cough* when the guys see us come back from shopping they help carry in and unpack the groceries.

The rest of that money was burning a hole in Carol's pocket, so she and Jessica went back out to the BX to stock up on some items we were short on like boxerbriefs, chapstick, and those silly little ankle socks the younger guys wear these days. Note the length of that cash register receipt...

Carol and Bill with a Soldier we nicknamed "Tiny". Later that evening at the Oasis I thought we had met Tiny's match, but the competition was only 6'9". The other guy was happy to retain his "Big Air" nickname as an Apache crewman.

Thanks Carol and Bill for all you do. It was an honor to meet you and great to have you here!

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