05 October 2005

"Your Support Was Invaluable To My Healing"

If you need another reason to support Project Valour-IT, here it is.

During his second deployment in Iraq Cpl. Alex Sargent took part in the Battle for Fallujah. He describes what happened while making a second sweep of houses for insurgents and weapons:

I went in with a few other guys to clear this one house... we went in and there was a guy waiting for us and he saw us before we saw him.

The two Marines with Sargent were killed. Sargent was hit in the arm and leg with AK-47 fire.

Sargent consequently underwent numerous surgeries to repair the damage to his right arm.

When he passed through Landstuhl, he received a Transitional Backpack from Soldiers' Angels.

My name is Alexander Sargent and I am a corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Many months ago, while in the hospital recovering from a combat injury, I received your letter.

Although my period of healing has been long and the skies have yet to clear up for me, I can say most assuredly that I wouldn’t be the same without the support and appreciation of people like you.

You’ve affirmed me that my sacrifice, and even graver sacrifices of some I cared deeply for, have not gone unnoticed.

I know your letter was one of gratitude; a thanks for what I did. Your support was invaluable to my healing.

Thank you.

Alexander Sargent

What are you waiting for?

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