15 October 2005

Veteran's Day Support Activities at Walter Reed


The "MOAB", mother of all banners.

Each Friday evening a group of FreeRepublic readers and other patriots gathers in front of Walter Reed to show support for our recovering heroes. They have been doing this for months to counteract the demonstration of radical Code Pink protesters.

Since 2003, the Washington, DC restaurant Fran's has been hosting WR patients for dinner each Friday night. (Read a great article about Fran's here, via Sarah at trying to grok. Did you know, for example, that former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz attended these dinners almost every week during his term?) As the bus returns to WR from Fran's, the troops are greeted by this wonderful group of supporters.

Read the full WR Veterans's Day report with lots of photos at The Gunn Nutt, who got to meet Carren and Chuck Ziegenfuss!

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