15 December 2014

The Mighty Moms of Walter Reed

There couldn't be a better name for these women:
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Some of the unsung heroes inside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are the mothers of wounded warriors - military members who have been severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Around the halls of Walter Reed, they've been dubbed the Mighty Moms, a fearless, feisty group of mothers fighting for their wounded children. 
"They understand your life. You don't have to explain it," said Stacy Fidler, whose son Mark is still recovering from serious war injuries. 
"We're strong. We will do anything for our kids. We fight a lot of battles," said Vallence Scott, who's been caring for her wounded son, Robert. 
"Our sons can't speak up, but we can," said Tammy Karcher, the primary caregiver for son, Jeffrey. 
Most Americans focus on the service and sacrifice of our military, but these women have put their own lives on hold, often for years, ever since receiving the call every family dreads. 
"Leaving your other children, I was running two households. The stress was way out of control," added Karcher. 
"When I talk about it, I really get teary about it because I just thank God he's here," said Scott. 
"That's the most important thing for me." 
Their love for their children, and each other, is unconditional.
Much more at the link. And don't forget there is a great new book about them, called Unbreakable Bonds: The Mighty Moms and Wounded Warriors of Walter Reed. A portion of the proceeds go to the families featured in the book.

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