17 November 2013

Students Mobilize Community to Build Home for Wounded Warrior

When Jerral Hancock came home from Iraq missing an arm and in a wheelchair, he found he couldn't get around his tiny mobile home. This is an incredible story about local high school students who decided to build him a better home. They have raised over $260,000 so far and are still going strong...

More on Jerral and the students here, with lots of photos.

Jerral, you are so loved!


DL Sly said...

One of my friends from Cali lives in Lancaster. Her daughter, one of the VES' friends, was part of the fundraising for the school, and she helped coordinate from the Home Depot corporate side.
Cool stuff indeed.
There is a similar situation going on in a rez town about an hour south of me.

MaryAnn said...

Oh, that's awesome, Sly! Huge thanks to your friends!