04 September 2012

With the Marines in Afghanistan

A photo essay from Geoffrey Ingersoll, a military journalist, documentarian, writer, photographer, and Marine Corps veteran. The best front-lines coverage I've seen in a long time, so make sure to see the whole thing at Business Insider.

With the Marines in Afghanistan. Photo: Ken Jasik.

Ingersoll is with the Marines as they assault into Taliban territory:

"We fall in line on top of the hill and start firing down on Lewar Jel Jay. As the rounds fly we can see that last groups of villagers fleeing from the fight."

With the Marines in Afghanistan. Photo: Geoffrey Ingersoll.

Later, as one of the Marines is shot, Ingersoll reports on the life-saving work of the other Marines, Navy Corpsmen, and Army MEDEVAC crew:

"I'm convinced he won't land because of all the hot metal flying through the air, but here he comes, flying straight through it all. Army Medevac helicopters are renowned for flying straight into danger to save lives."

See the rest of the photos and story here.

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