01 August 2012

Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT Awards Laptops to Wounded Warriors

So far, the Project Valour-IT Fundraising competition resulted in over $15,000 in new funds for adaptive laptops and iPads for wounded troops!  It's already going to work, with over 25 laptops distributed since the fundraising began on July 4, and more to come as the donations continue.  Have you donated yet?  Have you told a friend or family member who can help?  You have the power to change a hero's life!

This last weekend, five laptops were shipped for distribution at the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, and several more were sent to the hospital at Camp Pendleton.  At Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and the Soldiers' Angels Support Center (SASC) in San Antonio, 11 laptops and iPads were hand-delivered to wounded warriors who will use them to reconnect with the world, address their TBI-related challenges and transition to post-military life.  These bits of electronics and plastics are powerful--they change flesh-and-blood lives.

At the SASC, Soldiers' Angels founder Patti Patton-Bader was wearing a Soldiers' Angels t-shirt when she was accosted by a little girl who ran to her, embraced her and exclaimed with joy, "I love Angels!" 

The girl's mother soon explained.  "I don't know if you know this," she said, "But you have already helped us at Christmas."  She added that as their husband and father was recovering, she hadn't known how they were going to be able to have Christmas in the middle of it all.  Fortunately, they were identified for Operation Outreach assistance, and so one day an Angel volunteer picked her up and took her out to buy a tree complete with trimmings, gave them presents and took them out to dinner.  "It made my daughter truly believe in Santa," she said.  "And now this.  I just can't thank Angels enough."

The little girl's father is the man pictured in black above.  He has had 16 surgeries since he was wounded, and has made much progress, though he is still continuing to recover.  If you know someone like him who needs a Valour-IT laptop, please click here.  To help heroes like him get the laptops and iPads they need, please donate what you can Every little bit donated has the power to change a hero's life.

Scroll down for more pictures from this weekend's Valour-IT events.

To help supply more computers to wounded heroes who need them, click here.

About Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT
Since 2005, Project Valour-IT has provided thousands of technology devices to service members recovering from serious injuries. Technology supplied includes:
- Voice-controlled and other adaptive Laptops and iPads which allow wounded service members to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.
- Wii Video Game Systems which are used as part of physical therapy program, and
- Personal GPS, to build self-confidence and independence by compensating for short-term memory loss and organizational challenges related to severe TBI and severe PTSD.

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