25 April 2012

Wounded Soldier reunited with mystery Marine after tearful salute

At Corporal Garrett Carnes' homecoming celebration last weekend, the "highlight of the day" was a hug from a total stranger - a young Marine wearing his Dress Blues.

"He tried to let go of the hug and I grabbed him and pulled him back in, because I didn't want to let go," said Carnes.

The mystery Marine left before Carnes could learn his name.

"I wanted to find him and just tell him, 'Thank you, brother.' That meant the world for him to come out there and do that," he said.

On Saturday, Carnes was searching for the mystery Marine. Less than 24-hours later he found him. Carnes and his wife connected with him through Facebook.

He is Lance Corporal Aaron Means, a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune.

On the phone he said he had heard about Carnes. He heard how Carnes proudly served his country and lost both of his legs, but hadn't lost his sense of humor.

"That struck me as being motivating in that no matter what the enemy threw at him, it's not going to stop him from being who he is," said Means.

Means said he requested a day off from work and drove more than four hours to salute the man he calls a brother.

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