04 August 2011

The Littlest Patriot

Our friend Troy of You Served Radio and Bouhammer.com called him The Littlest American Patriot back in March of 2010. Back then Connor Love was just 6 years old but had already, together with his grandfather Howard, sent out over 1000 boxes to troops overseas. Troy continued, "Not only is he spending quality time with his Grandpa, he is also doing something productive with that time. He has more patriotism in that little pinky of his than many Americans I meet and interact with every day." A few days later Troy and CJ interviewed Connor on You Served Radio - the youngest guest ever to be on the show.

Troy recently posted the video story above and I just had to share it.

Not mentioned in the story - Connor also supports our wounded warriors at Landstuhl, as well as their caregivers. Here's one of his latest shipments.

Shipment of toothpaste and lip balm for our warriors at Landstuhl from Connor Love of "Connor Cares Troop Support".

...and a box of goodies for the nurses.

Connor also answered the call back in 2009 when photographer Chad Hunt was embedded with some Airborne Ranger Scouts near the border of Pakistan and asked for a supply of high-quality hiking socks for the platoon.

Soldiers' Angels salutes you, Connor, for all you do for our guys. We love you!

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