28 September 2010

Best friends killed 3 years apart to be buried together

Another moving story of brotherhood.

Lt. Travis Manion, killed in Iraq in 2007, was originally buried near his home town. Now, he will be moved to Arlington National Cemetary to lie next to his best friend and roommate at the Naval Academy, Lt. Brendan Looney, who was one of 9 troops killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last week. Bonded in brotherhood through the military and both killed fighting for their country, their families are sure this is what Travis and Brendan would have wanted - to be together in life and side-by-side in death.

Read the whole thing.

Update: 6abc.com has added a video report to the story.

Update, October 4: CBS News covers the story, including part of the ceremony at Arlington.

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Leta said...

What a heartbreaking and touching story.

Rest in peace brothers.