22 August 2010

The Yellow Bowl Bakery Returns!

Last week we once again we had the pleasure of welcoming Katy Gunderson and Molly Greenwood of the Yellow Bowl Bakery in Lafayette, Indiana to Germany. They spent a very busy week shopping, prepping, and cooking at both the Landstuhl Fisher House and the USO Warrior Center.

Not only that, in their "spare" time Katy, Molly, and Tom Amenta of Ranger Up participated in our routine SA Germany volunteer activities like unpacking and sorting donations, stocking dnations shelves, making deliveries to the hospital, and visiting patients on behalf of their families.

Tom Amenta of Ranger Up learns the fine art of cupcake piping at the Landstuhl Fisher House. He was a good sport and did a great job! Thanks to Tommy and the guys of Ranger Up for donating some of our favorite Ranger Up t-shirt creations for the patients and SA Germany volunteers!

Even I was enlisted to help with the piping. It's not as easy as it looks!

Some of the finished products - Katy and Molly baked literally hundreds of cupcakes during the week. And they were YUMMY!!!

At the USO Warrior Center we prepared spaghetti and chicken & rice casserole to go with the deserts. As always, we delivered some treats to the hospital staff working that night.

I guess that's one way to eat a cupcake!!

Molly and Katy with some of their creations at the USO Warrior Center at Landstuhl hospital.

Thank you so much for coming over and brightening the day for our Wounded Warriors and the Fisher House families at Landstuhl! It's not easy for a small business owner to take time off, not to mention the planning and fund raising activities ahead of the event. We appreciate your initiative, thoughtfulness, and your efforts. It was great to see you again and we hope you'll be back soon!


lisa-in-dc said...

wow!  I didn't realize they'd be there for so long and do so much!  thanks ladies!

Kanani said...

I really love that you worked with Fisher House. Every time I look at your photos, I gain ...5 lbs. I would probably be the most hopeless volunteer, as I'd be in the corner with the bowl of frosting. Love the photo of Mary Ann. Keep spreading your joy, thanks for making one small corner of the world a kinder place.