17 March 2010

Honoring the Heroes of our Heroes

The Second Annual Military Health System’s 2010 Remembrance Ceremony was held yesterday at Arlington National Cemetery.

In March 2009, the Military Health System proudly hosted a remembrance ceremony dedicated to the fallen military medical personnel of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Due to the support and positive response from the family members of those the ceremony honored, Military Health System leaders decided to make this very special ceremony an annual event.

This ceremony focuses on a special group of U.S. military service members: our military medical personnel. These fallen heroes served on the battlefield both as warriors and healers, caring for their comrades in arms while risking and sacrificing their own lives.

"Countless people are alive, both in the United States and overseas, because of the courage and heroism of the servicemembers being honored at this ceremony."

- Dr. Charles L. Rice, Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

Video and photos of the Remembrance Ceremony can be found at Health.mil.

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