22 September 2009

Wounded Warrior's Spouse: "My husband is GI Joe in a National Guard uniform"

The Rev. David Allen’s son Joseph speaks to the congregation about his father’s decision to leave the church for six months to be by his other son Mark’s side, at the New Vision Worship Center on Sunday. Photo: LEE FERINDEN.

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From today's Ocala.com:

Sgt. 1st Class Mark Allen, 36, Bravo Company, 48th Brigade Combat Team of the Georgia Army National Guard, out of Newnan, Ga., was in a valley of evil south of Kabul in Afghanistan on July 8.

Engaged in a furious firefight with the enemy, his M4 Carbine was his rod; his staff was the group of troops he trained and led.

He never sensed the sniper's bullet, which split the air, pierced his armored helmet and penetrated his brain.


The wounded warrior's father, the Rev. David Allen, is pastor of the New Vision Worship Center in Fort McCoy.

"All I ask of God is to let me have my son back," he said. "My prayer that he live has been answered and if this is the final answer, we are prepared to accept God's will. We are praying for Mark's recovery, but we will take him however God leaves him for us."

It was announced on Sunday at the worship center that the pastor has been allowed to take a six-month leave of absence. He needs to be with his son.

"I am in total awe of the doctors, nurses and staff we have met. They have treated us with compassion, and Mark with the utmost competency," David Allen said.

"The Soldiers' Angels Fund in Newnan, Ga., paid for my room. The taxpayers pay for his care. Many, many people have offered prayers and support.

"I have every confidence that everything is being done for Mark that can be done. Doctors from Kabul (Afghanistan), Landstuhl (Germany), Bethesda (Naval Medical Center in Maryland) and here in Tampa are taking superb care of our wounded. You can believe that, as I have seen it."


Shannon and Mark's fourth wedding anniversary is Wednesday. In her season of patience and prayer and endurance, she will celebrate it in her own way.

Her husband is present and accounted for, but his brain, emotions and memories are involuntarily AWOL.

Perhaps she will share the event with Journey, their 15-month old daughter, who is with her mother in Tampa when not in day care in Ocala.

"I am living in the now. We know exactly where we are in our love and our commitments. My husband is GI Joe in a National Guard uniform," said Shannon.

Family members could use some help with items such as gift cards for gas, lodging and food. The military provides lodging for Mark's wife, Shannon.

If you would like to make a donation for SFC Mark Allen and his family, it can be made in his name to:

Mike Stokely Foundation
100 Fountainhead Way
Sharpsburg, GA. 30277

If you are on FaceBook, you are invited to join the prayer group for Mark.

Thank you.

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