13 January 2009

Keep on riding, Gunnar

Dear Gunnar,

Well, another year has gone by. I'll probably call your Mom later and see what's going on today. I guess some of the "boyz" will be coming over and they'll go out to visit you together.

Not sure if she told you I ran into Jeff here a while back. Not that you need to be told. Heck, you probably set the whole thing up.

I bet you were laughing your ass off when you saw the looks on our faces as Jeff, laying in the hospital bed half-puking into a pan, asked in disbelief, "You know Debey???" and I, equally stunned, replied, "Gunnar was your Soldier???"

Very funny, dude.

After that he talked about you the whole time. It was Becker this and Becker that. "I smoke Camels because of Becker". And, "Becker told me that joke".

Finally, another Soldier asked us who we were talking about.

Jeff just looked me in the eye and said, "A friend of ours."

And so, my friend, whom I never met and won't meet until it's my time, keep on riding - and playing your practical jokes on us.

See you on the other side.


Love you, Debey!

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