15 May 2008

NPR radio interview with DJ Emery

Marine Sgt. David Emery, shown with his daughter, Carlee, was injured in an explosion in Iraq. The highly drug-resistant bacteria Acinetobacter baumannii complicated his recovery. Photo Cynthia Berger.

The story focuses on the infection which nearly cost DJ his life after being wounded in February 2007. The infection which caused his doctors and his mom to be faced with the gut-wrenching choice between life or limb almost 6 weeks after his injury.

Going back to the beginning, DJ also tells about getting blown up. "I was trying to get up, find my rifle and stuff... but I couldn't move. I couldn't see anything, either."

DJ was given nearly 300 units of blood in Iraq and in Germany during the days after the explosion, incredibly changing his blood type to O.

His mom Connie discusses some of their experiences dealing with the infection during DJ's hospitalization and they both talk about their new daily routine back home with Carlee, whose favorite activity is riding in daddy's wheelchair.

Read the article and listen to the interview at NPR here.

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