21 March 2008

Inside Bagram's Joint Operation Center

At The Long War Journal, a fascinating look into the JOC's operating cell known as "the Bridge". Here, amidst huge amounts of electronic equipment, information is gathered and operations are planned.

For example, over the past few months intelligence about insurgent movements and habits has been gathered through a series of operations called Winter Stand.

Carried out by elements of the 173rd ABCT (and presumably other coalition forces), the goal of Winter Stand has been to establish a presence along Taliban transit routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the Taliban often seek safety during the winter months.

Winter Stand operations contributed to the development of the March 12 strike against the Haqqani Network just across the Pakistan border, destroying a safe house. Initial intelligence reports of that day indicated three “high-level Haqqani network commanders” were killed and that “many” Chechen fighters also died in the blast.

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