22 January 2015

Brain Injured Veterans Use Masks to Heal Inner Wounds

Army Staff Sgt. Perry Hopman, who served in Iraq from 2006-2008, confronts the battery of medications he takes daily for blast-force injuries he sustained while treating soldiers as a flight medic. "I know my name, but I don't know the man who used to back up that name." Photo: Lynn Johnson/National Geographic

These "Healing Our Soldiers" images from the February, 2015 issue of National Geographic magazine will take your breath away. They photo essay may be viewed online here.

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Anonymous said...

Please do not give up. My nephew was hit by a missile in 2005 and is this year, starting over, it is really hard. My friend Ron wrote Born on the Fourth of July, the Tom Cruise movie.......he is now at home, and at peace, learned to play the piano, and hopefully proud of the help he gave other veterans. God bless.............you made it through war, you can make it through peace............