14 April 2012

Today's call to action: Family of wounded Soldier requests birthday wishes

Photo from the Support For Travis Mills and Family Facebook page.

Family of wounded soldier asks friends to send greetings
Staff sergeant turning 25 today

By Betty Adams badams@centralmaine.com
Staff Writer

Local relatives of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, severely injured in an explosion while on patrol in Afghanistan on Tuesday, want people to send him greetings via a Facebook page for his 25th birthday today.

Mills' wife, Kelsey Buck Mills, and her brother, Josh Buck, grew up in the Gardiner area before the family moved to Texas, according to their aunt, Tricia Harriman of Augusta.

Kelsey Buck Mills still lives in Texas, and her husband of four years and her brother serve together as staff sergeants with the 82nd Airborne Unit, based in Fort Bragg, N.C. Both men were deployed to Afghanistan when Travis Mills was injured and both are now in Germany, where Travis Mills has undergone a series of surgeries. Family members said he lost both his arms and legs in the explosion.

Harriman said Josh Buck calls his sister with updates about her husband's condition. Mills' parents, who live in Vassar, Mich., also get updates. Residents of Vassar planned to hold a rally Friday night to show their support for Mills, according to news reports there.

The Mills have a daughter, Chloe, who is six months old.

A Facebook page "Support for Travis Mills and Family" has updates about Mills' condition and offers a way to donate $25 to help his family or to contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids families of wounded service personnel.

"We know the things the Army will take care of, but it's the things the Army won't take care of," she said. "We just really want to get his story out and help him and other soldiers in general."

Harriman said Friday Mills is due to arrive back in the U.S. soon.

Here's the Support For Travis Mills and Family Facebook page. Request to join the group. After your request is approved, you'll be able to leave a message.

Update: Here's the Travis Mills website. And below a new photo from Afghanistan.

Injured soldier, Vassar native, brings community together
Vassar community holds candlelight ceremony for Travis Mills, 24, soldier who lost both legs and arms while on duty in Afghanistan

Update 2, comment left at SSG Mills' Facebook page:

"SSG Mills, I am the MEDEVAC 1SG. Myself and one of my SSG's were the Flight Medics who flew in to pick you up out of the Poppy Field. The entire flight you never complained once. You only wanted to know that your Soldiers were ok. I saw you look up at one of your Soldiers in the Aircraft who was less injured and reassure him with a wink and a smile.

When we arrived at the Hospital and transfered you to the ambulance you again asked about your Soldiers. You were upbeat and even joking with my SSG. You are the bravest Soldier I have ever met in 18 years of service.

You are a Hero to me and although we only crossed paths briefly I will never forget you and the sacrifice you made. Your Unit is made up of some of the most professional Soldiers in the United States Army and the young Soldiers you trained and mentored will forever remain your legacy."


Anonymous said...

We would like to thank all of our men & women in the military & their families! You all are heroes to me. Our nephew is stationed @ Fort Bragg & was recently shipped to Afghanistan. He is a medic. We worry everyday about his & ALL the soldiers safety. We are extremely proud of him & ALL the soldiers there.

We will continue to pray you, your family, ALL of the soldiers & ALL the families! We appreciate ALL ya"ll do.

We wish you a Happy Birthday & many more.

Anonymous said...

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come. My little brother is stationed @Fort Bragg he is in Afghanistan now with the 82nd. Thank you and all the other men and women over there.

David said...

I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to all Soldiers and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.