27 November 2009

Thanksgiving at the Kandahar Air Field hospital

PFC Zachary Nemeck, Charlie Company, 2-508, 4/82 at the Kandahar Air Field hospital on Thanksgiving morning. Photo courtesy of the Nemeck family.

The other day, PFC Zachary Nemeck and several others in his squad were wounded in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. He is currently being treated in the hospital at Kandahar Air Field. Two of his friends sustained more serious injuries requiring medevac to Landstuhl.

Zachary's father Erik contacted us yesterday because Zachary and the rest of the guys back in Kandahar were so worried about their buddies here and wanted us to pass along their message of love and concern.

While we were speaking on the phone, Erik mentioned Zachary had received a Soldiers' Angels backpack with clothing and a blanket at KAF. He later wrote:

It was a blessing for Zach to receive the items SA provided. He had nothing as all of his clothing was cut from his body. Everything you see in the picture came from SA. He has a big fleece blanket at home that he loves, and the Hope blanket at least gave him some comfort that we cannot from this far away. SA is amazing, Thank you.

Thank you Erik for sharing the photo... and thank you to all of our blanket makers and other supporters for caring about our warriors fighting for us far from home.

Wishing Zachary and the rest of the guys a speedy recovery, with special prayers for your friends here at Landstuhl.

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