01 September 2009

Portraits of Love Project

Portraits of Love/Family Pics for Soldiers

Underwitten by Fujifilm: Soldiers' Angels and over 275 professional photographers of the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) have teamed up to send a piece of home to our deployed troops--just in time for the winter holidays--through an effort dubbed Portraits of Love.

Volunteer photographers across the country are opening their studios this September to offer free portraits to military families who have a loved one deployed overseas. The portraits will be uploaded to pmdaportraitsoflove.com, and a free print will be sent to the family member in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever they are deployed around the world. The ultimate goal is to send 10,000 free family portraits.

“This project is the photo industry’s way of giving back to our soldiers, and thanking them for the sacrifices they have made for our country,” said Jerry Grossman, the president of the PMDA who has spearheaded the effort. “Our industry is uniquely qualified to bring an important piece of home to our soldiers, and we’re pleased to be able to organize this effort.”

“It’s incredible how motivating a simple family photograph can be to a soldier who is far from home,” said Soldiers' Angel Toby Nunn, who has served two tours in Iraq. “This volunteer effort is one more way that we can help our soldiers cope with their situation,” he said.

Military family members can find participating photographers in their areas by visiting the Potraits of Love website (in order to attend the portrait session, families will need military IDs). Photographers interested in volunteering their time can also sign up on the site.

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