15 July 2009

MG Michael Oates honors fallen NCO

KFBB News Team, July 10, 2009 - Hundreds of people gathered at St. Bernard's Parish in the Billings Heights [Montana] Thursday morning to say goodbye to a young man who proudly served his country.

Twenty-two year old Army Sergeant Terry Lynch of Shepherd served with the 10th Mountain Division stationed in Fort Drum, New York. He was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan when he was killed by a roadside bomb.

Major General Michael Oates, based at Fort Drum [New York], awarded Lynch two medals Thursday: the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

It only became clear to me by watching the video that MG Oates, Commander of the 10th Mountain Division, actually attended and spoke at SGT Lynch's funeral. In Montana.

I've always believed that a true leader serves his subordinates, not the other way around. In my opinion, Major General Oates has displayed a deeply moving and humbling example of true leadership with this gesture. Thank you MG Oates. And thank you and rest in peace, Sergeant Lynch.

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