04 August 2009

The Last Night at Landstuhl

John, this is Chaplain Smith, the ICU Chaplain. I'm here with MaryAnn of Soldiers' Angels. She asked me to visit before you go home tomorrow.

I'm looking at a family photo your wife Jane sent her to print out and keep at your side. I'm sure you know it; it's the one where the baby is wearing the yellow sun hat...

I want to remind you that you are in the Intensive Care Unit at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

You have your own nurse who is with you at all times, either in your room or sitting right at the door. While you are here you are never alone...

Today is Saturday, January 10th. Well, I guess it's January 11th now.

You're going home tomorrow.

The Critical Care Air Transport Team will come to get you ready for the flight early in the morning. That will take about 2 hours.

Afterwards, they will take you on the bus to the aircraft at Ramstein Air Base - just like when you came here. You will have your own doctor, nurse, and respiratory therapist taking care of you the whole time.

When you arrive in the US, you'll be going to Walter Reed Medical Center, again by bus. Your wife Jane and the rest of the family are waiting for you there.

They have been praying for you; you are on many prayer lists.

And now we, too, would like to pray for you...

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