12 November 2008

“On the 12th of November we lost two great warriors. We lost a Troop Commander and his gunner, and it hurts.”

Those were LTC Michael Fenzel's opening words at the memorial service for CPT Dave Boris and SGT Adrian Hike of Anvil Troop, 1st Squadron 91st Cavalry, 173rd Airborne Brigade, killed on 12 November, 2007 in the Bermel District of Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

He went on to say, "We don't mourn the loss of Dave Boris and Adrian Hike today. Instead, we thank God that these men lived, and we celebrate the fact that we were honored and privileged enough to have served with them and alongside them."

While embedded with the 1-91 Cav last year, photographer John McHugh documented their memorial service through his extraordinary photography. Please take a moment to watch the slide show he created (with audio) here.

Sky Soldiers! Airborne!

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