29 February 2008

Let's show the Sky Soldiers some love

On Monday a friend pointed me to the hit job on the 173rd ABCT published by the NYT last weekend. Since then, I've been too furious to do anything other than forward the link to others who will do a better job of taking them on than I can.

A dear friend has told me that if she saw what I do on a regular basis she'd be in a perpetual state of pissed off-ness.

Which, in fact, I am.

But it's been a while since I've been this disturbed. I've met quite a few Sky Soldiers at Landstuhl, including a couple of those shown covered in blood in the photo gallery of this article.

Picture this. You're standing beside a hospital bed. The guy lying in the bed has been shot or blown up just a day or two before, and has lost friends. And you both know that while HE has been out there killing terrorists to keep YOU safe at home, YOU have let the media stab him in the back.

Now hold that thought while executing on the following action items:

Call bullshit on this article to anyone who will listen, AND to those who won't.

Stop worrying about whether or not to question the patriotism of people who write articles like this. They are traitors.

Show the Sky Soldiers the love. Cards and emails needed. Addresses here.

That is all.

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