25 December 2006

Merry Christmas from Landstuhl

Christmas cards from home line the 3-story stairwell at Kleber outpatient barracks. The Christmas Eve "card squad" from left: Dan, SA volunteer Amanda, Doug, me, and the Chief. The project took 2 days to complete, with Dan and Randy (not pictured here) participating on the 23rd. Thanks to all who sent or brought cards... and to the rest of the outpatients and staff for their free advice ;-)

On behalf of the patients at Kleber I'd also like to thank the many Angels who sent decorations and baked goods from the States as well as the many, many groups and individuals of the KMC area who've brought decorations, cards, food, and baked goods to the barracks... among them the members of the Holy Family Catholic Church for the complete turkey dinner on the 23rd, the Marines Liaisons for the complete ham dinner (cooked by a local volunteer) on the 24th, and the Air Force group who came in today. More thanks to the local military families who invited patients into their homes for Christmas Eve celebrations. Your thoughtfulness means so much to the guys.

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