08 November 2006

The Kindess of Strangers and Angels

Soldiers' Angels is running low on Blankets of Hope, which are included in our First Response Backpacks. We are currently distributing 360 backpacks each month to wounded and ill troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany.

I put out a mailing which has starting snowballing. Here's an example from Lauren, who together with her friend Catherine sent 9 blankets, and then passed the word.

Well, I sent your call to provide extra blankets of hope to my lovely daughter... She forwarded the note to a friend who is part of her sorority and who is still at Syracuse Uni. Yesterday the girls of the sorority made 20 blankets which are being shipped today...

But it doesn't stop there.

Good morning! Thought I'd share part of an email from Davia who organised her sorority sisters at Syracuse to make 20 Blankets of Hope -

"Another sister in the house was shipping the blankets out for me because I did not have time. As she boxed them up and started to walk out of the house, the UPS delivery man happened to walk in at the same time.

He asked what all the boxes were for, and after she explained they were being sent to soldiers he took all of the boxes and shipped them for free... "

Sharon and the women of Bethel Baptist Church sent 17.

Mary Beth simply replied, "Okeedokee, MaryAnn."

MoJo wrote, "MaryAnn, Our group has several quilts that will ready in the next week or so."

From Maureen: "Good Morning MaryAnn. Great minds must think alike, I’m sending out a box tomorrow. I’m also going to forward your e-mail to all my crochet buddies. Hopefully that will inspire them to stitch faster... :-)"

Larisa: "Will get the ones I'm working on done as quickly as I can and get them sent out. I will also check with the ladies of my church to see if we can get another group sewing circle together ASAP."

"Hi Maryann, I got the e-mail about the urgency of the need for blankets. I have one tied and one I am beginning to cut out. Susan"

"Hi! My name is Terrie and I am new to Blankets of Hope. I don't sew but some friends do so I am buying the material. Hooah!"

"Dear Mary Ann: I have sent 12 fleece blankets today. Rita"

"Hi MaryAnn, I just wanted to let you know that we have sent out four packages of handmade blankets. It is such a wonderful project for all of us to do, as we feel we can at least make a little difference. Susan" (project coordinator at a retirement home)

Dorothy: "Hi Maryann, Mailed another box of 2 dozen quilts on Saturday..."

"Hi MaryAnn, I have a link up on my front page. I also posted your email on some online sewing communities that I belong to. Looks like a good response will be forthcoming. God bless you and all the angels. Tink"

"On the way! I just mailed you several quilts and put in a few get well cards that the lady in my daughters office wrote. Ann Marie"

"Dear Maryann, Hi my name is Cathy and just read about the need for blankets, I love to quilt. I'm homebound and have had several strokes so if I could do something for these young men it would be an honor..."

Robin's Blanket

"Okay, I am going to find time to make a blanket this weekend. I can do the "no-sew" blankets. Robin"

If you would like to make Blankets of Hope, click here or send me an email for complete information.

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