31 October 2006

Your Marine Cpl Christopher Trevino

"When I saw those kids I'd see my kids. And it made me want to help more."

Chris' mom Rose sent me the link to this story the other day.

"It came from nowhere," he said. "I remember reaching over to grab the water, maybe not even a foot onto the bridge and hearing a loud bang, almost like an amplified shotgun blast... "

The blast flipped the vehicle upside down, pinning Trevino and filling the cabin with white smoke from an electrical fire. It could have been a lot worse if the group's corpsman hadn't "done his Incredible Hulk thing," Trevino said. The corpsman kicked open a door, giving room for him and the radioman to scramble to their feet and pull Trevino and his lieutenant out.

Trevino called his wife, Crystal, a couple of days later to say he was OK, but X-rays soon found the C-7 vertebrae is his neck was fractured and pressing dangerously on an artery. He was flown to a hospital in Germany, and finally returned home last week.
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To him, Iraq is a country of good and bad, of innocent children and terrorist insurgents, of people who welcome Americans and those who don't.

Iraqi children "are there in 120-degree-plus weather - no shoes, little clothing. My kids are back here. They have shoes, socks, the whole outfit. They have heat and A/C. They can go get a cold drink if they want to.

"If we can help (Iraqis) so those kids can have a better life, then I'm all for it."

Chris and his mom, Rose.

I wanted to relate a huge thank you to the staff and personnel at Landstuhl as hearing my son say, "Mom don't worry - I'm getting great medical care" gave me a smile at a time I was panicked. I don't know if you can in any way relate this message to the hospital but if you can would you please for me. You can't imagine the relief I felt in knowing my son was in good hands.
Forever grateful to you,

Rose Trevino

Turns out Rose dressed Chris as a Marine for Halloween one year when he was a kid and her husband "blames" her to this day for his choice of career ;-)

Chris is back home and doing well. The doctors expect him to fully recover within six to nine months.

Semper Gratus Chris and Family!

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