21 September 2006

"I want to do one more thing for these young men and women... "

You may know from this blog that Soldiers' Angels supports our wounded and ill troops medevaced to Germany from Iraq and Afghanistan. But you may not know that support from our Wounded Team begins long before that, at the Combat Support Hospitals in the war zone.

Dear Soldiers' Angels,

My name is JF and I'm a nurse currently deployed to Southwest Asia. I work in a facility that ensures ill and injured troops are flown out of the country to a hospital better equipped to their needs. Many times these brave men and women come to our facility without personal items due to their particular circumstances.

Today we received 14 boxes from Soldiers' Angels each containing 3 backpacks. Each backpack had personal care items, a small handmade quilt, socks, and other clothing items.

It has been an honor for me to make sure these backpacks are given to sick and wounded troops. I don't have the words to describe to you the feeling I get seeing the incredulous look on their faces when they realize these gifts are from their countrymen. It it most definitely tear producing.

The thank you card you filled out was also packed in the box. I try to personally contact anyone who has provided their name and address. Every card we receive makes it way to the pillow of a troop.

I have seen battle-weary individuals wipe their eyes as they read the warm wishes and prayers. The short amount of time it took you to write encouraging words on a card has made an immeasurable impact on a particular soldier/airman/sailor/Marines life.

They aren't always in a position to write their thanks while they are with us so I want to do one more thing for these young men and women...

... to thank you for your support.


Thank you, JF, for giving our wounded Heroes the best of medical care. But most of all, for your love and compassion.

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