23 January 2006

Proud to Stand With You, Canada - Part 2

Canadian blogger Candace has an update on the three Canadian soldiers injured last week in Aghanistan.

From an interview with Canadian doctor MAJ Nick Withers at ctv.ca:
The most serious of three soldiers wounded in an Afghan suicide attack is not recovering as well as doctors had hoped and will likely have to remain in Germany while the other two return to Canada.

Saturday was not a good day for any of the soldiers, their Canadian doctor said, but it was Cpl. Jeffrey Bailey for whom he had the most concern.

Cpl. Bailey, Pvt. William Salikin, and Master Cpl. Paul Franklin were wounded in a SVBIED attack near Kandahar that killed Glyn Berry, a senior Canadian diplomat last week.

Currently 450 of the total 685 Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan are in Kandahar. Canada plans to increase its military presence in Kandahar to 2,000 next month.

A political blogger covering the runup to today's elections, Candace took offense with the current Canadian PM's lack of acknowledgement of the US Military's role in the three soldiers' evacuation out of Afghanistan and treatment at Landstuhl hospital in Germany.

You can leave a message of support for the soldiers and their families in the comments section of Candace's post.

Blackfive has a post with a letter from another Canadian and a link to a great Austin Bay article.

More on the Canadian elections at Ed Morrisey's, of course.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup with lots of links.

Proud to Stand With You, Canada

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