26 May 2005

Visiting Patients at Landstuhl Hospital

Landstuhl hospital is located within a military Post and Military ID is required to gain both Post and hospital access.

Unless you are a family member or personal friend, visiting soldiers is generally not permitted, and unescorted visits are not permitted at any time.

Federal Law and regulations governing patient privacy require written permission from patients agreeing to visits from individuals they do not know. Obtaining this permission from each patient on a ward by nursing staff would be impractical.

It should also be kept in mind that patients have been very recently wounded and medevaced to Germany, are undergoing treatment and surgeries, and that their stay in Landstuhl hospital is typically only a few days before being transported on to military medical facilites in the U.S.

Permission for individuals or groups to personally tour wards must be requested through USAREUR, USAFE or EUCOM Protocol offices. In general, these are VIP visits composed of national or international officials, elected or appointed. Examples are members of Congress, General Officers, Ministers of Defense, etc.

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